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Wholesale Interior Decoration Wall Sconce double wall lights


Interior wall sconces delicately stream through its perforated shades, and its glow instantly warms your space.

Interior wall sconces combine simple lines and subtle details with a modern crystal cover for a truly updated look. From its simple, elongated stem to the stepped backplate, it is a continuous style. It’s timeless, elegant, and versatile.

A double wall light refers to a type of lighting fixture designed for wall mounting that incorporates two separate light sources within a single unit. Typically featuring symmetrical or complementary designs, double wall lights offer both functional illumination and aesthetic appeal, often enhancing the ambiance of interior spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways. These fixtures commonly come in various styles, from sleek and modern to more ornate or traditional designs, catering to diverse decor preferences. The dual light sources not only provide increased brightness but also allow for versatile lighting arrangements, enabling users to customize illumination levels according to their needs or preferences. Additionally, double wall lights may incorporate various materials, finishes, and features such as adjustable arms or shades, adding versatility and functionality to their design.

  •  Metal body and Crystal are designed for long-lasting indoor use
  • Takes one Candelabra E27 up to 40W bulb or equivalent LED bulb; bulb not included
  • Its crystal cover complements both modern and traditional room styles and is easily removed for cleaning
  • Its updated traditional design is ideal in a corridor or on the sides of an entryway, bedroom, or bookcase
  • Mount to the wall facing up
  • Hardware included for added convenience


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Every product is produced by us through forging, grinding, and polishing many times. We don’t omit any steps. We will repeat many times for every part until we are satisfied. After years of production, we are a professional hardware factory, and dedicated to producing lighting that reassures and satisfies customers.