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How to install a chandelier and wiring?


There are 2 ways of installation, surface installation and concealed installation, No matter what kind of lights, only these two methods.

What kind of lights are usually used for concealed installations?

In this article, we mainly talk about surface installation. Because almost 95% of decorative lights are surface-mounted, such as chandeliers, ceiling lights, hanging lights, wall lights, etc., are all surface-mounted.

Surface-mounted Installation

I believe that watching these two videos should have solved most of your doubts about how to install a light fixture.


We all know that there are generally two types of main wires, 2-core wires, and 3-core wires.

How to install a chandelier and wiring?
How to install a chandelier and wiring?

So the question is, how to distinguish the neutral wire, live wire, and ground wire?
Tips: see the wire colors. When we can’t distinguish by color, this kind of professional work is handed over to electricians. After all, safety comes first.

How to install a chandelier and wiring?

After understanding the wires, let’s take a look at the video, on how to connect the wires.

I believe this video has clearly explained how to wire the light.

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